Tattoo Fashion Flensburg

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Tattoo Fashion Flensburg
+4917668404963 / 017668404963
[email protected]

Welcome to Tattoo Fashion.

We are specialists in Raw, artistic tattoo art work and have many years of experience in the field.

Our artists make it an honor of producing high quality art, in excatly the style and motif you desire.
You can bring you own motif, or if you need inspiration you can talk to one of our artist, and get inspired by their ideas and previous work.

Tattoo Fashion is a newly started chain of tattoo parlors in Denmark and Germany. We have plans to open several more studios thoughout the countries.

Fuiu is the main artist in Aabenraa and has many years of experience in the field.

Tattoo Fashion Flenbsurg is an exclusive tattoo shop. In the Studio, Duby is the tattoo artist.

In the studio in Soenderborg, Florin Ianole is the tattoo artist.

In the studio in Ribe, Vlad is the tattoo artist

Our goal is to only bring you the best artists in order to ensure the best quality!

Tattoo Fashion offers artistic tattoos and also piercings.

For pricing please contact us and we will work out and estimate of the price of your tattoo, when you have decided what artwork you would like.

Remember, we only use high quality ink and equipments, that has been approved for use in tattooing. This ensures you the highest quality of you artwork!